About Us


About Kamdhenu

Our Vision

Developing a sustainable integrated agribusiness with a global outlook with commercial and social profitability.

Our Mission

A constant growth in revenues and learning which is profitable for all of the stakeholders.

Kamdhenu Agrovet established in the year 1987, through a sustainable increase in infrastructure has raised its production capacity to cater to a wide variety of markets including feed for dairy cattle, pigs, horses, aquaculture and poultry. It is also known to produce customized feed for specific professional rearers of exotic birds like Emu and Ostriches. Kamdhenu diversifies itself from the other existing feed manufacturers for the wide plethora of feed for different animals and birds produced at economical rates.

A robust marketing network with a team of experienced professionals caters to the vast distribution channel which is spread across western India. This team has been instrumental in taking the brand Kamdhenu to the rural households across geographies. Besides this the inhouse quality control and testing assures supply of animal feed of consistent quality which has endorsed the brand by itself.

Kamdhenu Agrovet Infrastructure

Kamdhenu Agrovet started its operations in Belgaum district of Karnataka, India in the year 1987 by setting up its first mill for manufacturing powdered (mash) compound cattle feed. After its initial setup in Belgaum a new plant was started in Sangli district of Maharashtra, India in the year 1993. A palletizing plant followed in the year 1996. Special palletizing and cooling units at its manufacturing locations gives animal feed in the desired pelletized form which are then packed into market specific stock keeping units and distributed to co-operative and private dairy sector.

Through its expertise in feed manufacturing Kamdhenu is a well recognized brand in Horse Feed used in major serum institute farms across the province. The in-house marketing division has been successful in establishing a strong brand value in the animal feed industry.

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The Board of Kamdhenu Agrovet

  • Mr. Milind Kothari

    A Mechanical Engineer from University of Dharwad formulated this venture in the year 1986 and brought it to life in a 1987. Through the last two decades he has been a key decision maker and torch bearer to bring Kamdhenu to the scale it is today. His niche’ expertise lies in rural marketing which has helped in brand building of the organization. He was the premier initiator of co-branding with cooperatives in dairy sector which has led to increased feed consumption and increased yield.

    Other than work in this spare time he loves listening to music. He is an avid listener and beholds a keen ear.

  • Mrs. Madhavi Kothari

    An M.Com and preliminary Chartered Accountant she has been supportive in the Accounts and Human Resources of Kamdhenu since the year 2000. An avid disciplinarian likes to keep things upto date and perfect. She has revolutionized the operations in finance and human resources at Kamdhenu.

    She is an avid reader and holds a library of her own. Besides that she is a social service activist and works for women empowerment.

  • Mr. Yash Kothari

    A B-Tech from College of Engineering Pune and MBA from Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode(IIM-K) he has been part of Kamdhenu informally since 2006. He has returned to full-time dedicated service at Kamdhenu in 2012 and since then is involved in marketing and day to day operations. Along with it he is an active part of strategizing the firm diversification and internationalization.

    He is a casual reader and a good photographer. His photographs are quite well recognized on social networking forums.

  • Mrs. Premal Kothari

    A Master in Business Administration, Premal has specialised into purchase and international business. Her experience in this domain has helped in streamlining of purchases and setting up an international sourcing and supply platform. She being an avid administrator has kept systems in check and made them more efficient.

    Premal is quite adventurous with business systems and also in personal life adventure sports are her passion.

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